Success Stories

It was nice talking with you and I appreciate your help.  Your people did in fact come through for me and I appreciate that.  In general, if you need money, most people shy away from helping you when your business could use it the most.

You said you were sure you could do something for me, which I have heard before, but in this case you meant it.

So thanks, and good luck to your daughter.

Best regards

- Stanley M. Cole, M.D.

To whomever needs capital for their business:

When my insurance reimbursements were 6 months behind and I needed to expand our rehabilitation center, I received a call from Lizz Papadatos. She informed me that I could get an approval within 24 hours and get funding in 2-3 business days.  

I was very skeptical, I did not have a great credit score.  Lizz said the funding was based on the health of the business and was not based on my credit score.

Lizz was true to her word.  One Way Funding went above and beyond what I expected.  She is the real deal and there is only One Way to get funding and that’s with Lizz and One Way Funding.

- Dan Callahan, MSW, Happy Recovery